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HYTORC Avanti Accessories
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  Reaction fixture torque: The unique design of the AVANTI reaction arm and coaxial square drive allows for custom/adjustable reaction fixtures to be used.  These provide a safe and effectice method of reaction on applications where the standard/supplied reaction arm will not be suitable
Reaction & back up free torque: Place the innovative HYTORC Washer™  under the heavy hex nut and use the HYTORC AVANTI machine to achieve reaction arm and backup. 
Load accurate tension: For restricted radius and critical path applications where bolt load accuracy is paramount… the HYTORC Nut™ mechanical tension nut powered by the HYTORC AVANTI machine provides calibrated bolt load to an incredible ± 5%.
Conventional torque: The AVANTI is capable of handling conventional torque applications with the supplied coaxial square drive and reaction arm.